Newspaper/Magazine class lesson

Courtesy of Tina Barber, CJE / Cherokee Trail HS

Submitted March 26, 2020

Content Task Options (Pick one for this week) Evidence of Completion/Learning
Create an online story Submit a working link to
Help Yearbook with proofs Submit a PDF of any spreads you worked on
Analysis of Professional Media coverage of COVID-19 Submit links to three different publications covering a similar topic AND Write an OP/ED piece analyzing the coverage that discusses similarities, differences, and suggestions to improve the coverage/piece
Develop your journalism skills by:   Taking an online course offered by the Poynter Institute – Click here to access their free content. OR Taking an online photography course offered by the Digital Photography School – Click here to access their free content.   Create a mini-lesson using Google Presentation to share with the rest of the staff to teach them what you learned. Presentation must include a minimum of 5 slides. Be mindful of basic graphic design skills when developing your mini-lesson. OR Propose your own Evidence of Completion/Learning. You must have your proposal approved by Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. by the instructor.                                    
Propose your own Content Task for the week Your self-designed Content Task must be submitted and approved by the instructor by Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. Your proposal needs to include both a description of the work AND your Evidence of Completion/Learning.